When I want to read a novel, I write one.
~Benjamin Disraeli~


My first published novel, the first in Pengembaraan Fantasi (Fantasy Adventure) series. I grew up reading The Famous Five’s, Nancy Drew’s, Alfred Hitchcock’s and The Hardy Boys’ series.

Inspired by this type of genre, I created my own. Pengembaraan Fantasi is an adventure about two kids, Adlan and Mira, who were gifted with special powers, and their imaginary friend, Deego, where they used their powers to solve mysteries and helping people.

As the first in the series, the story circulated around Adlan’s and Mira’s background and how the two met each other, which led them to solve their first mystery together.

Synopsis (translated):
“Is there any problem at school?” asked Deego.
“Mira,” said Adlan.
Deego stared at Adlan in disbelief. Since when did he think about girls?

Next book: Pengembaraan Fantasi:
Sumpahan Gua Hantu

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