At the Top of the World

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

~John Lennon~

Okay. I was exaggerating a little bit.
It was just at the top of a hill.

Signal Hill.

Still, the view from the top, overlooking the Dunedin city was mesmerizing.
Especially when the sun was about to set.


A perfect moment to freeze your memory in the form of a photograph.
An ideal place for moon sighting too, though I never took the chance to experience it.

Not just that, I missed the opportunity to trek up the hill.
Had a plan to do so with Maryam but somehow it remained a plan.

Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be.
Maybe because I took things for granted too much, thinking that I would forever be in Dunedin.


Now that I’m far away from the land of the long white cloud, I’m sort of regretting it.

Lesson learned.

Grab the opportunity while you have the chance and never assume that you know your future.

Because you don’t.

Women’s Best Friend…

Being content creates simplicity in life.

~John Heider~

Ask me the question and I’ll say it’s chocolate!
Well, at least, it is true for me.

And speaking of chocolate, one of my favorites would be Cadbury, of course, the other would be Whittakers. There is no way for you to live in New Zealand for years and not loving Whittakers!

As a Cadbury lover, if you are in Dunedin, Cadbury Factory is a must-visit place. Not only you will learn how the chocolate is made, but you will also get free samples which are super delicious.


Cadbury in New Zealand uses butter (unlike palm oil in Malaysia) and that results in the difference in its texture and taste – I guess. If you bring the chocolate back to Malaysia, it will melt in no time 😛

The inside of the factory is designed beautifully. After the tour, you are free to wander around, taking heaps of photos with different backgrounds and buy varieties of chocolates!




For Muslims, they don’t have to worry much about the gelatine used as the ingredients since they use Halal gelatine. Marshmallow lovers could also purchase the Cadbury-produced product without a doubt.

Even if chocolate isn’t your best friend, this factory is worth the visit!

Will You Jump?

The rose is fairest when ‘t is budding new,
and hope is brightest when it dawns from fears.

~Walter Scott~

One of the scariest things to do, but I did it anyway (though it was ages ago ^-^)
I mean, I was already at the World’s first commercially operated Bungy Jumping Site, the Kawarau Bungy, so why would I miss the chance?

I won’t lie. I was super scared. Will alone wasn’t enough to make me jump from the top of the bridge. The video below was a solid proof of how scared I was.

But I pushed myself to overcome that fear, and I succeeded. Looking back, I was really proud of myself.

Will I bungy jump again?
Hell, yeah! 😀


This was definitely one of the best moments in my life!

Dunedin: A Down To Earth City

Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold; the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul.


Dunedin was named after Edinburgh in Scottish Gaelic language. That is why its name sometimes hard to pronounce. It is actually Duh-ni-den, and not Du-ne-din, as many people would say it.

What do I like about Dunedin the most? Everything is within a walking distance. I can walk to the university or to the supermarket or to my friends’ house.


The biggest attraction of this city is definitely the University Of Otago – the first University in New Zealand! It is also the home of the Otago Polytechnic.

And how do these two colleges affect the city?
Well, they attract many people from around the world to pursue their study here.

Throughout the year, the city is full of students. BUT when summer comes, the students desert Dunedin and the town is peacefully quiet. Sometimes I feel like I have the entire city to myself.


Since Dunedin is situated on the coast, it is surrounded by many beautiful beaches. You can choose to go to St. Clair Beach, Tunnel Beach, Brighton, Aramoana, Long Beach, Otago Peninsular (which is the only mainland breeding colony of Royal Albatross), Waitati or even Taeri Beach.

There are not just beaches – Dunedin is also surrounded by lovely hills including Mt. Cargill, Signal Hill and Flag Staff, to name a few.

Compared to some other places around New Zealand, Dunedin can be quite chilly during the year, so it’s certainly worth bringing a warm jacket even in summer. But the cool weather is part of Dunedin’s charm, and helps make the city so unique ;).

Hmm, what else can you find in Dunedin? What about the steepest street in the world, called Baldwin St? Or how about the one and only castle in New Zealand, Larnach Castle?

See, I told you. There is more to Dunedin than meets the eye.


There are few more attractions that worth seeing in Dunedin. For example, you can go on a tour around the Cadbury chocolate factory. But don’t expect to have the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s experience or you will be disappointed :P.

To learn more about the history of Dunedin, Otago Settlers Museum will provide you with the answer. For some relaxation, you might just want to go to the Botanic Gardens (which even has its own aviary), or to the beautiful and serene Chinese Gardens.

Bottom line, do not underestimate Dunedin. If you think spending a day here would be enough, you might want to think again. Even I, who have lived here for more than six years now, haven’t had enough time to uncover the whole mystery of Dunedin!

My final words on Dunedin – Dunedin is… My Precious!

p/s:Soon I might have to say goodbye to Dunedin (if I could not get a permanent job down here) :(