The Unattainable Dream

It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are.

~Publilius Syrus~

When I was a kid, I was so fascinated by the universe.
I loved looking at the stars. I loved reading about the solar system.
I always wanted to know more, to see more than what’s written in books.
To make these a reality, I set my goal to be an astronomer.

So what’s stopping me from following that dream?
Well, to cut story short…. physics isn’t just my thing ☺

Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from keeping that interest.
I was lucky when Geoff accepted me as his student. He isn’t just a genius, but he’s passion towards astronomy is unbelievable.

New Zealand is well known for it’s clear sky and in Dunedin, there are lots of places not affected by city lights where you could go to.

So whenever there’s a clear night, the Graphics lab members would receive a short notice invitation from him to watch the stars. I had the opportunity to join him on a few occasions. I got to watch the 4 moons of Jupiter and the ring of Saturn. Unfortunately I could not frame those images with my camera. Geoff’s telescope isn’t sophisticated enough to capture high quality images. Regardless, I was content to be able to observe those.

Below are few of my memories whilst in Dunedin.

Partial Solar Eclipse – 7th February 2008
This was my first experience observing partial solar eclipse. How nostalgic. It wasn’t even half a year since I arrived in Dunedin and that old house, was actually our Graphics Lab before we moved into a new building in 2009.



Stargazing – 2nd November 2008
This was one of the short notice invitations. If I was not mistaken, this took place at Flagstaff. We observed both Venus and Jupiter on the same sky.


This second image was an edited version. I put labels on it, so it was clear which was Venus and which was Jupiter. Of course, the moon got a label as well.


Transition of Venus – 7th June 2012
This was one of the rarest occasions and I was really blessed to be given this opportunity. The telescope was set up by the river at the back of our building. It managed to attract a lot of people who were passing by.



Have I had enough of it?
Nope, I still have one phenomenon that I really wish to witness, and I did not get that chance during my time in Dunedin.