When in Rome Do as the Romans Do

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.

~Wayne Gretzky~

Or in this case I should rephrase it to ‘when in New Zealand, do as the Kiwis do’.

I’m not a big fan of rugby. Until now I don’t really understand rugby. (Actually watching All Out anime sparked my interest a little bit). But rugby is a big thing in New Zealand. And they have All Black.


Everybody knows All Black, including me who has very little knowledge in this subject. And in Dunedin, there’s a stadium that hosts lots of rugby games.

During my first year in New Zealand, Dunedin was hosting the Rugby Tri Nation. My flatmates wanted to go. The ticket was affordable. So I thought I should try enjoying the sport that the Kiwis love so much.

Furthermore, there are lots of people who would die to see All Black in action. I was presented with the chance, so why wasted it? I got to see them performing Haka lived.

Though I didn’t really get it (yeah, throughout the game I was lost), it was interesting to see the fans went crazy for their teams. They went drunk, threw the beer bottles everywhere, swore at others. People of different cultures are definitely interesting.

When in Rome do as the Romans do.
While it’s true you have to adapt to the culture, it doesn’t mean you have to literally follow the culture.

Throughout my 7 years of living there, I learned a lot from them. I followed their norm, as long as it doesn’t contradict with my principles and believes. Even after coming back to Malaysia, I still practice some of their good qualities.

It amazes me how some people – with the chance given to explore other cultures – fail to open their mind and continue to live under the same, narrowed shell. That’s such a waste.

Even after going out of Rome, maintain the good Romans’ qualities.

I truly believe that you should instill the good things you learned from other cultures. Combine with the good qualities from your own culture, you’ll evolve to be a better person.