A Place of Your Own

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

~Charles Spurgeon~

Flat hunting had been my yearly routine when I was in Dunedin. Starting from a resident hall to a flat to a studio and finally to a boarding house. If I have to choose 1 word to describe the process, it would be tiring.

Yes. Searching for a flat or room online is fun, but the viewing process, not so much. Most of the time, I was deceived by the great photos shown. When I looked at the actual unit, most of them were quite a letdown.

There were, of course, some great ones but you need to compete based on first come first serve
but, as usual, I was never the first to come 😛

Now I’m back in Malaysia, and once again, I’m going through the same process – finding a place to stay. Before this, the criteria I looked for were cheap and okay. Now, they have to be affordable, close, convenience and comfortable.

I’m done staying in a budget room. I crashed at my Iranian friend’s place once for a few months. I stayed at Imam’s house, accompanying her daughter while he was away for Hajj. I lived like a nomad, hopping from 1 place to another before I finally rented a boarding house – which was the longest I stayed at (for almost two years).

At the moment, I’m temporarily boarded at my aunt’s house. I’m not much a family person. For more than 7 years, I stayed by myself. No need to inform of my whereabouts. No need to worry about a curfew. I did things as I like.

When I think back, I really long for a place that I could call home, where I can live my life like how I used to.


So when I found a studio unit to rent, with great facilities, close to my workplace, surrounded by great amenities though a little bit expensive – I ain’t thinking twice. Now, it’s time to live comfortably, not just sufficiently. And the most important is to regain my fortress of solitude.

One more month before moving into a new place. There are still so many things to do – furniture to buy, broadband to subscribe.

Hopefully this new place will meet (or exceed) my expectation.