The Sweetest Confession

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness.

~George Santayana~

It does not have to be a love story to give the greatest impact of confession. Oda-sensei proves and does it in his greatest shounen manga, One Piece.

A boy who was at the brink of death due to an illness. A man who betrayed his own brother, as well as the marine to find the cure for the boy. A strong bond was developed throughout their short journey together.

The man managed to get a devil fruit which can cure the boy’s illness at the cost of his life. Knowing that there was no escape for him, he hid the boy in a treasure box while making a promise that they would meet again at the next town.

The boy who was hated by so many people because of the disease he carried, had finally met someone who cared for him wholeheartedly but soon witnessed that man taken away from him forever.


And the confession was made slightly before the man was shot to death. Sweet, but sad. Definitely one of the best moments in One Piece.

The Shogun Assassination

If they each carry their own bushido in their hearts, they can each become their own samurai.

~Yoshida Shouyou (Gintama)~

After 516 chapters, Sorachi-sensei finally revealed the most awaited flashback – the relationship between Gintoki, Takasugi, Katsura and their teacher, Shouyou.

What is so special about their relationship?

Gintama is a shounen gag manga. It doesn’t really follow a plot like any other manga. But once in a while, it would have serious, touching moments. And most of the times, those moments were related to Shouyou sensei.


The death of Shouyou resulted in his students taking a different path in their lives. Gintoki, the main protagonist, decides to live ‘beautifully’ under the rules of the Amanto, who was responsible in taking Shouyou’s life, and endures his hatred towards them. He lives to protect Shouyou’s teaching.

Takasugi is the opposite. Instead of protecting, his aim is to destroy everything that took Shouyou’s away from them – the current world. His hate towards the Amanto leads him to join forces with the Amanto’s Yato tribe (irony?).

Katsura, on the other hand, is the in-between. Being the leader of the Joui patriots – a terrorist group, he is one of the most wanted figures. In the beginning, he was an extremist but after seeing how Gintoki leads his life in this world that he was supposed to hate, he started to tone down his terrorist activities.

The Shogun Assassination is the current arc of Gintama where Takasugi’s plan to destroy the world is already set in motion. He’s now clashing sword with Gintoki, where the last page of the latest chapter showed that Gintoki was cut down by him.

Gintoki, and his Yorozuya’s members, are the last three standing to protect the Shogun (well, the Shinsengumi and the ninjas are still fighting with the Yatos as we speak, but the Yorozuya is entrusted to protect the Shogun). The fight is already at its climax (the only thing it is lacking right now is the adult Katsura is yet to appear). Where would this lead to?

This arc, without a doubt is one of the best, and at the same time, worries the fans much. Is Gintama ending soon? There are so many backgrounds that have yet to be revealed, especially regarding Gintoki’s past, when he was feared as Shiroyasha (the white demon).

Sorachi Hideaki is the master of trolling his fans. Hopefully the epicness of this arc does not mark the end of Gintama, but is the start of something far greater.

And Gintama deserves another season for its anime!